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Pick a Positive Prayer - Book

SKU: 217537123517253
  • This newly released book is a timely metaphysical compilation of inspirational prayers, affirmations, decrees and meditations designed to spiritually uplift and expand consciousness. The reader resonates at one with nature (plant, animal and mineral realms) while aligning with the Divine Spirit within. A shift in awareness and realization takes place with the application of utilizing the powerful alchemic tools in this book. "Pick a Positive Prayer" will help you to discover your purpose as you connect with your ancestral path and divinity. Dynamic keys to living a bountiful life of abundance, forgiveness and gratitude are accessible and achievable. Each of the four chapters are singularly effective yet harmoniously in balance as they work together to increase and accelerate one's light energy. Each vibrant chapter is a transformational stepping stone created to elevate your mind, purify your energy and open your heart.

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