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Sharon Rose Washington

"Earth Angel Rose"

Visionary Author/ Crystal/ Color/ Chakra Light Worker/ Psychic Empath/ Intuitive Life-Coach/ Ancestral/ Angelic/ Animal & Nature Communicator/ Reiki


"Sharon Rose Washington shares with her readers what she does best-living what she teaches. Throughout the many years I have known her, living and giving from the Light of her heart guides her path every step of the way. - And now all those who have this book may learn to do the same."

​Founder of Agape Intl. Spiritual Center -Known for "The Secret"

-Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


"Our moments of happiness are marked by feeling of oneness with everything around us. Sharon Rose shows us how to be open to such moments, to increase them,
and to be guided by the stairway they create."
-Global Rights Advocate-

Gloria Steinem

Intuitive Crystal Energy Empath Visionary Author &Healer

"Breathe deeply in joy, for every breath is your spirit soaring higher while reminding you of your cosmic connection to the divine source of infinite love, light, wisdom & power!"


In Gratitude -Empath Sharon Rose "Earth Angel Rose" 

Queen Of Transformative Power

For Transformational Healing & Psychic Services : Please call 323-296-1197 for info & pricing. For direct & immediate phone healing sessions dial: 866-231-HEAL. You may schedule an appointment by visiting our contact page. Just fill out the form. You will be contacted within 24 hours or less for our Esoteric Services:


•Empathic  Pranic Energetic Scanning & Balance Resonance Healing Work
• Intuitive Crystal Reading- Healing Light Release Work
• Auric Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Balancing
• Angelic & Ancestral Paradigm Connection Work 
• Intuitive Psychic Readings for Inner Growth & Self Awareness
• Reiki “Laying on of Hands” for Stress Reduction & Vital Energy Radiation
• Light Body Expansive Multiverse Healing & Regression
• DNA Activation with De- Coding & Re-Coding  the DNA
• Aromatherapy Essence & Natural Healing Elixir Light Body Activation Session
• Guided Violet Ray Healing Meditations & Intuitive Life Coaching 


Sharon Rose “Earth Angel Rose ”  is a empathic clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient metaphysical healer. She is a seer who communicates with her client’s many auric fields to release emotional traumas of manifestation in the physical, and/or mental fields. Her sharp visionary gifts allow her access to speak to the "problem" directly to achieve crystal clarity. She is a loving intuitive guide dedicated to helping individuals to release all disqualified energy so they may heal on their journey toward wholeness.

Metaphysical healing is part of the larger field of Energy Medicine. It is based on the ancient wisdom teachings of knowing that negative mental, emotional and/or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in  dis-ease or illness; and that the reversing of those negative patterns into positive patterns, can in turn, lead to healing. Visionary Sharon “Earth Angel Empress ” Rose helps her clients realize the immeasurable power of their own heart and mind connection to the Divine Creative Source and how they are solely responsible for creating either well beingness or illness.

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