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"Crystals Are Calling" founded by Sharon Rose Washington was designed to offer Spiritual Empowerment and Well-Being products and services to create and maintain an optimum way of life. "Our company helps our clients to enjoy, celebrate and honor their singular vitality as well as everything and everyone around them. Our elegant products and services lend to the syncronicity of abundant good health and well-being." Crystals Are Calling will help you to:


Recharge & Illuminate your Magnificent Infinite Light Energy
Find Spiritual Utopia as you Live at one with all of Nature and the Ever Present Divine Spirit 

Discover your Purpose as you Connect with your Ancestral Path & Sacred Divinity

Awaken & Transport into the Timeline of the Authentic "Here & Now"


Live an Expansive Life of Diverse Abundance, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Yes...Love! 

Conquer Fear & Procrastination & Engage in Making Consciously Wise Decisions 

Find Clarity, Maximize Options, Create Quality Life Scenarios                   
Apply Win-Win Solutions to Problem Solving              


Pranic Healing - Energetic Crystal      Healing - Aura Chakra Readings & Cleansing


Angelic and Ancestral Communicative Healing & Expansive Frequency Charging


DNA Activation / Rejuvenation


Cosmic & Ancestral Initiations


Transformative Power Coaching & Balancing~ Nature Spirit Connecting


Space Smudging

Sage Cleaning & Prayer Work


Intuitive Energy Light Worker &Multi Dimensional


Integration Expert

Empowerment / Healing Products

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