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"Earth Angel Rose," Sharon Rose "Featured Healer Pranic Lightworker" at "The Dick Clark Estate" in Malibu, Ca. - Performing "Crystal Energy Healing Work" for over 6 years


"Being a physician and tending to the needs of many can become one's entire life. Through interacting with Empath/Healer, "Earth Angel Rose" and her Intuitive Spiritual Advice I have gotten back to my golf game which helps to relax me. I am also thrilled to be working in conjunction with her company to reach more women and children in need of special care. Together we are building a liaison and are dedicating time for seminars and events to be given at Battered Women's Shelters, Boy and Girl's Clubs and Veterans Assistance Programs throughout Southern California."  

​  Endorsement by

​-Cardiologist Dr. James Mays





                                    866~231~HEAL (4325)              


                                                                    "Earth Angel Rose"         

                                                                                  Sharon Rose Washington

                   LOVE & RELATIONSHIP / TWIN FLAME & SOULMATE GUIDANCE EXPERT/                                    PROSPERITY MONEY ADVISOR/ MIND, BODY, & LIFESTYLE HEALTH COACH                                                                                                           





















































Known as "Earth Angel Rose" and "The Queen of Transformative Power" Oracle Sharon Rose Washington, is the Publisher and Author of "How to Walk the Earth as a Goddess" "Pick a Positive Prayer" subtitled, "Climbing the Stairway to Ascension" and the Empowerment DVD, "Woman Heal Thyself."Her fiction novel "As Violet Rose" is also in the works along with a much needed prose in the works being penned specifically for the Masculine Energy. Her Internet Radio show, "Why We Are Here" has been heard all over the world on the "Empowerment Channel" of and she is launching a new podcast this coming Summer of 2024!


Aside from her prolific writing, "Earth Angel Rose", Oracle Sharon Rose Washington has chosen to specialize in the care and guidance of others as an "Intuitive Reader ,Empowerment Life Coach and Crystal Energy Empath Healer."  She is a Metaphysician dedicated and passionate about her work of sustenance.  Sharon's "knack" with healing those in need is uncanny yet natural. Her relationship and Indigenous roots as a Natural Being ( as well all are) connected to nature has gifted her with instinctive compassion for all life. This heart centered reverence allows her to tap into the flow of spiritual inter-connection that is available to all.  The use of crystals (lovely spiritual teachers and holders of lightforce) along with other modalities and practices gives Earth Angel Rose assistance as she taps into the heart of each individual she counsels.  "Earth Angel Rose", Sharon Rose is successful as a spiritual conduit because she is guided by Angels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters under and of The Great Spirit .Earth Angel Rose genuinely cares. With a "heart of gold", open honesty, pure love, dedication and devotion to Source Energy, this certified healer is serving her purpose through demonstrating her "heart" work in this lifetime and beyond. She is a Lioness Leo and Leo rules the heart! She is lionhearted all day...everyday and will serve you with humility, honor and integrity.

She wears the title "Earth Angel Rose" as she demonstrates the truth that all change begins "within" where Divine Spirit lies.  "Earth Angel Rose " was  given the name by her parents Arthur and Thelma. Both her parents told her that at the age of four she told them separately that she "chose them". From that day on her mother Thelma began calling her "Earth Angel"  With her Divine "Mother Wit" this indigenous alchemist brings conflict resolution and vital healing solutions to her clients.


Earth Angel Rose, Sharon Rose Washington a visionary says, "To live from the heart awakened in The Here and Now with gratitude and forgiveness is of great importance and understanding for it is the key to eternal life. Once a client releases fearful illusions their false conditioning subconscious programming is shattered. Her techniques then allow the authentic timeline of the highest and true nature of oneness and  as a Divine Spirit of light to be fully realized by the client. We are all a work in progress but once you reach a certain level of development there is no going back! We are all Co-Creators made in love by pure Source Energy to be as Source! There are many realms of ascension, many expansive paradigms, and many planes of dimensions to explore. We must live in the present here and now (theat is the gift) as responsible conscious beings aware of our choices and divinity so as to prepare for even higher degrees of evolutionary stages. In other words, Pack light for ascension travel. It is out of this WORLD!"    


Earth Angel Rose adds, "I see the world in need of clarity through Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and am grateful because I have had insightful mentors to guide me (energetic light frequencies) in the so- called physical (all vibrational) and in the invisible realms all my life. The youths and elders of today are all in need of support and guidance.  Once again, we are all a work in progress. It is all a matter of degrees of wisdon to pull from within! AI is here and it is not going away anytime soon so buckleup and get right with your Spiritual Center...Your Roots..Your God/Goddess Self and The Highest Of All Life!!!  The professional corporate jobs and ordinary career stereotypes are disappearing as technology pushes the world through various modes of conditionaing. We live in worlds within worlds. Love is still the cure..always has been ...always will be.


As an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, and Energetic Healer/ Oracle Reader I am needed to guide and assist clients to live out their dreams and to clarify their purpose and destiny.  I am an Empath who assists in helping clients to awaken in and as their inner divinity so they may connect with their guardians, ascended teachers, all aspects of kinship in nature and their original state of consciousness. Once a person is freed from material delusion wholeness is found and their beingness is in full focus of their desires and volition. We are a story of aggregation derived from an essence or being that from out of itself all was created." Through my close relationship with the "mineral Kingdom and Queendom" and their assistance I am able to transmute and transform vital information to those in my care.


Earth Angel Rose, Sharon Rose Washington is a qualified professional with an extensive background in various fields ranging from the Entertainment Industry (i.e. writer, producer, public relations, director, talent coordinator and executive assistant) to corporate marketing and sales.With years of experience working with premiere television production companies, public relations and a top talent agency, Sharon has sharpened her skills in communicative diplomacy and is successful in producing win-win optimum results as an Intuitive Oracle and Empowerment Coach & Healer.


Throughout all of her endeavors, Sharon Rose has gained vital experiences to assist those in need of her fearless healing motivational coaching and lecturing.  She believes children must be treasured so the connection between new life and the ancestors remains sacred.  Sharon was raised in the lush hills of Pennsylvania where her radiant character, passion and gratitude for life was nurtured by her Native American/Woman of Color/ American grandmother and mother.  She is both a mother and wife and resides in Southern California, The City of Angels her birthplace where her heart is and always will be.


Publisher and Author of Isis Rose Creations /Awakening Products 

Host of International Radio Internet Show "Why We Are Here" on the Empowerment Channel Network

Host of YouTube Web Series

"What's Your Passion"    

Founder & Co-Executive Producer of Television Production Company

Violet Light Creations" at      

Executive Assistant in Business Affairs for the William Morris Agency

Executive Publicity Assistant for Marjorie K. Diamond Public Relations    

Program Developer and Casting Coordinator for Fox Television

Associate Producer and Guest Host of "Frankly Female Talk Show" on KCAL Channel 9

Production Assistant for Radio Personality Rick Dees and Paul Joseph of KIIS FM Radio

Commercial Voiceover Artist and Member of AFTRA

Two Time National Magazine "Jet" Bikini Model Centerfold

Writer For Nickelodeon 

Freelance Writer for "Sisters in Style Magazine" and Players International Magazine"

Producer/Creator/Narrator of "Woman Heal Thyself" Empowerment Self Help Motivational DVD

Executive Producer/On Camera Host of "Sharon's Showcase" on Continental Cablevision

Creator of the Children's Book Series, "Adventures of the Arc Angel Elementals"

Sharon Rose Washington attended Los Angeles City College and UCLA with courses Majoring in Journalism and Communications, cript writing.   Sharon graduated from Columbia School of Broadcasting in Radio and Television announcing and Voiceover training.  She is a member of AFTRA and has done extensive voiceover and print work as a commercial artist.  She has received certificates of Spiritual Ministry and attended practitioner classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center founded by the Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith a well known contributor of "The Secret". Sharon is also the developing founder of the non-profit organization, "Sharon's Rose Garden" formed to benefit those in need.

•Empathic  Pranic Energetic Scanning & Balance Resonance Healing Work• Intuitive Crystal Readings- Healing Light Release Work• Auric Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Balancing• Angelic & Ancestral Paradigm Connection Work • Intuitive Psychic Readings for Inner Growth & Self Awareness• Reiki “Laying on of Hands” for Stress Reduction & Vital Energy Radiation• Light Body Expansive Multiverse Healing & Regression• DNA Activation with De- Coding & Re-Coding  the DNA• Aromatherapy Essence & Natural Healing Elixir Light Body Activation Session• Guided Violet Ray Healing Meditations & Intuitive Life Coaching, & Tarot and Oracle Reader.

Sharon Rose “Earth Angel Rose ”  is a empathic clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient metaphysical healer. She is a seer who communicates with her client’s many auric fields to release emotional traumas of manifestation in the physical, and/or mental fields. Her sharp visionary gifts allow her access to speak to the "problem" directly to achieve crystal clarity. She is a loving intuitive guide dedicated to helping individuals to release all disqualified energy so they may heal on their journey toward wholeness.

Metaphysical healing is part of the larger field of Energy Medicine. It is based on the ancient wisdom teachings of knowing that negative mental, emotional and/or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in  dis-ease or illness; and that the reversing of those negative patterns into positive patterns, can in turn, lead to healing. Visionary Sharon “Earth Angel Empress ” Rose helps her clients realize the immeasurable power of their own heart and mind connection to the Divine Creative Source and how they are solely responsible for creating either well beingness or illness.

The Insightful Earth Angel Rose has provided miraculous life changing wise and intuitive psychic counsel for many years as a profound "Akashic Lightworker". At the age of nine under the guidance and tutelage of her Native Cherokee Grandmother she began her passage of initiation into the understanding of her sacred connection to the earth, sky, all life and beyond. Since that very young age she has been able to tap into the future with prophetic predictions as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient empath. Her intuitive psychic readings are inspired by deep visions and guidance from the Divine. Her healing metaphysical forms of divination are not limited to but range from psychic telepathy, tarot, astrology, remote healing, chakra cleansing, crystal therapy, past life regression, ancestral and animal communication, and angel oracle readings.


To experience a moment in time with the Earth Angel Rose is a life-shifting transformational happenstance never to be forgotten. Allow Earth Angel Rose with her ancient energies of paranormal superconscious perception to liaison with you as you tap into your own cornucopia of flowing infinite supply. Whether it is romance, finance, life goals, soul path decisions, marriage or family issues and more, Earth Angel Rose through her KA-Higher Self Consciousness power of love and light will assist to raise your energy vibration and magically change your life forever.


Call now for an Unprecedented reading with Earth Angel Rose as she shares the tools to "Level Up" and live a Healthy Prosperous Adventure filled with Love and Light!

"Breathe deeply in joy, for every breath is your Spirit soaring higher while reminding you of your cosmic connection to the Divine Source of infinite love, light, wisdom & power!"



•Intuitive Spiritual Readings for Inner Growth & Self Awareness/ Tarot/Oracle 

 Empathic Pranic Energetic Scanning & Balance Resonance Healing Work
• Intuitive Crystal Readings- Healing Light Release Work
• Auric Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Balancing / Yin & Yang Tantra 
• Angelic & Ancestral Paradigm Connection Oracle Worker 
• Reiki “Laying on of Hands” for Stress Reduction & Vital Energy Radiation
• Light Body Expansive Multiverse Healing & Regression /Presence Downloads
• DNA Activation with De- Coding & Re-Coding  the DNA
• Aromatherapy Essence & Natural Healing Elixir Light Body Activation 
• Guided Violet Ray Healing Meditations & Intuitive Life Coaching and more! 

"Earth Angel Rose" was given her name shortly before she began walking.  At the age of four Sharon Rose told her mother Thelma Rose that "Chose" both her parents and had come down to be with them. When her mother asked her child what she meant, Sharon Rose pointed up and stated, .."I came from up there Mommy...from that star right out there!" Later in her early twenties, her father Arthur shared with Sharon Rose how he had nicknamed her "Earth Angel" a few months after she was born. He said that from the time she came in her eye were full of wonder and curiosity! He and her mother noticed early on how she was always taking everything in!  Even today Earth Angel Rose recalls at the age of six or possibly seven looking out at the stars from her bedroom and longing to go home  to her "Star" but torn between the love for her Earth family and her desire to return from whence she came. She calls it "A Knowing." Always full of adventure, "Earth Angel Rose", has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned. With dedicated passion "Earth Angel Rose" has served over 36,000 plus clients through the years. She is a nurturing and compassionate Professional Coach/Healer/ Psychic Intuitive focused on helping one to live their best life in gratitude, love, and forgiveness.  A life of happiness and abundance rests in the discovery of one's true core. She uses her empathic and clairvoyant gifts to help one find their way to emotional healing and to make sound choices for the betterment of the Self and all in their midst. How do you find and obtain peace if "The Self" is lost? What is lost can be found. What is broken can be fixed, but each and everyone of us must do "The Work"for the good of all and for the quality of all life to raise in frequency! The journey to freedom and the re-connection to Nature and Source (The Great Spirit/God) begins with Self Awareness that leads to Self Appreciation, Self Love and Self Confidence.

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